• Autumn & winter 23-24

    - I mellanrummet (In a space between)

    I mellanrummet is a quiet reflection on what once was, what is no longer. That void, that gap. What is waiting for life to slowly find itself again.

    I mellanrummet is available as a printed catalog with poems by Pär Lagerkvist (1891-1974)

    To browse a digital version of the catalogue, you can click on the link below:

    Digital catalog

    We thank Högfors Manor for a fantastic location! Cheer them on in their work here:

    Högfors Manor

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  • New fabrics

    Our floral patterns can now almost be compared to a perennial, given its recurring and obvious place in every collection. We are a little extra fond of autumn's flower, with its dark musty tone and its winding mysterious pattern. It has a neutral, dark background, with maroon colored roses and dull green smaller flowers. The fabric is produced, printed and the garments are then also sewn in Europe.

    Also new is a wonderfully soft, narrow-striped linen fabric in black, with white stripes. The garments in this fabric give a dressy and stylish impression. Very nice! And a nice complement to plain linen. The fabric is 100% linen and made in Europe.

  • Linen fabric in a herringbone pattern is also a recurring feature in our collections. AW23-24 we see a warm rust colored herringbone, which complements the collection's other colors nicely.

    Some other novelties are knitted garments in pink merino wool, coats in rust colored wool and a petrol colored linen fabric.

  • New styles

    Here you can see some of the collection's brand new garments. The style is modern and at the same time timeless, perfect for those who want a unique and durable wardrobe. We are, as always, proud that the autumn & winter collection is entirely produced in the EU.