• Spring & summer 2024

    - Bleka minnen (Faded memories)

    A tribute to soft winds and sun-warmed meadows. The silence up on the mountain, where the forest opens up and only the present exists. Where time takes its own course. Surely you have been there too? In faded photographs.

    Bleka minnen is available as a printed catalogue. Text: "Dagen är vaken" by CajsaStina Åkerström . Thank you CajsaStina!

    To browse a digital version of the catalogue, you can click on the link below:

    Digital catalog


    The pictures are photographed in Bastberget's fäbod, located in Gagnef municipality, Dalarna. A visit, as well as their own hand-produced cheese, is highly recommended!

    Bastberget's fäbod

  • New fabrics

    There are many new fabrics for spring & summer 2024. As many as three self-designed prints on linen. An elegant peony against black, a romantic rose loop and the more graphic print we call water. The printed fabric consists of 100% linen, is produced, printed and the garments are then also sewn in Europe.

    This season's natural colored linen has a slightly duller and even more natural tone. We like that! The new colors in linen are blue and pink. The plain linen fabric is, as always, 100% linen and made in Europe.

  • As if that wasn't enough, we have the newcomer striped hemp and tencil blend. Tencil consists of fibers made from cellulose pulp from fast-growing types of wood, and hemp, like flax, is a resistant plant that can grow in colder climates. The fabric is wonderfully soft and thin and comes in narrow-striped blue and white. Yum! Its contrast and very fine matching fabric, is the new denim fabric. It is made of 100% recycled yarn and consists mostly of hemp and cotton. Stylish raw feeling.

  • New styles

    This season offers, among other things, a whole bunch of new dresses. Here we can see several new details. Karla, with a balloon feel in the sleeve and softly rounded at the bottom. Krabba, has a sleeve with the possibility of variation in width, with the help of buttoning. Kame, with its double row of buttons and beautiful frill ends.

    Here we really feel warm summer breezes just by looking at the clothes. The style feels casual and comfortable, but at the same time feminine in form and detail. The materials are soft and have a great case.

  • Karla

  • Krams

  • Kame

  • Klock

  • Krabba

  • There are also a number of new outer garments here. As well as a really nice series in jeans. The denim fabric gives the raw, untreated impression, but is soft and supple, without being elastic. Do not miss!

  • Radar

  • jacke